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Meet us

Hi, I am LaTina. The idea for Bella Naturals was conceived  in 2013 after my daughter Isabella was born. Isabella as sensitive skin, and has a mild case of eczema. I searched and failed to find something that worked on my daughter's skin that wasn't filled with harmful chemicals. I decided to go on a quest to find all natural products for her family. Most of the natural products I found were either not as natural as they claimed they were, or did not achieve the desired results on her family's skin and hair. Thus Bella Naturals was born.

Bella Naturals is an all natural hair & skincare line. My flagship product, the whipped shea butter, was formulated to be an all in one moisturizer for skin and hair. Due to the properties of coconut oil, shea & mango butter it can heal dry, cracked skin and improve minor blemishes. It can also offer some protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. It aids in hair growth and strengthening, and adds shine, softness, and manageability.

Our products come in a variety of scents, that can be enjoyed by all members of your family. It can also come unscented for sensitive skin. our scented products have a very small amount of fragrance oils added to them.

Check out our website and browse the different scents and products offered on our catalog page. our News page will have all listings of any events that Bella Naturals will be a part of during that month, any deals, and discounts and any new scents that may be debuting. You can also join our subscription list and be privy to specials that are not advertised on the website and also get different tips and info about the products.

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